Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Pond Members

I'm being a little lazy tonight. We have a few new family members in the front yard and I have photo evidence but my computer is upstairs, my camera is in the kitchen and who knows where the cable is to transfer said pictures to the computer. So you'll just have to take my work for it. 

First up, Tiny's lady friend has returned!! I guess she thought he sproosed the place up when we added the goldfish and the flowers started blooming. Whatever it was, it worked.

We also have two ducks!!! I'm so excited about this little development. B wants to call them Cheese and Quackers. The names are still up for debate but either way, it's definitely a male and female Mallard. You know what that means!  DUCKLINGS!!! I've already started nesting.

The ducks were settling into their new home nicely until Dog decided she wanted to play. I wish I could have recorded the madness that Me and B got to watch while drinking our coffee this morning. 

More importantly, the concrete stain will go down tomorrow. These are the contenders...

My favorite so far is the top. We'll just see what I'm in the mood for tomorrow when we get to the store to actually chose the stain.

Esh! I'm almost finished with the craft room! I think I have nervous gas.


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