Monday, April 13, 2015

Bikinis and Smells

You know what I hate about the warm weather? Smells are carried so much easier through the air and Heaven forbid it be a little wet because you'll get the full dining experience from 100 years away. It makes me eat so much more than I should. 

And then I think you know what happens next.

Before I know it, I'm standing in the Old Navy dressing room trying to squeeze myself into the size that I swore I wore last summer and is now too small for my ankles. I then have a silent and private pity party and declare that this is the summer that I will get in shape. This is the year I will not eat my weight  in chips and dip. I will resist the chocolate pie that I love so much.

Ha!! What a lie. We all know I won't do those things. Then.....


It's "bikini season" again. More like "seasonal depression". I'm feeling anxious already.

I think I'll go have another piece of lemon cake. 


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