Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kayla's Canvas

My best friend, Kayla, is getting her very first classroom this year! Yay! Couldn't be more excited for her on this one. Before I show you the finished product you need to know a few things about Kayla. She's hands down the greatest friend I've ever had. She likes Cupcake Vodka, Cupcake Wine, cupcakes and anything Dr. Seuss.

Finished product. 
Sorry for the horrible picture. The closest camera I had was my iPhone and I can't get it to rotate so just pick up your computer and turn it..... tee hee. The thought makes me laugh.

You'll need:
One canvas of any size
Acrylic paints (make sure white is included)
Printout of picture that you choose
Graphite paper

First I painted my entire canvas white. This is to keep the paints from settling into the canvas fabric and causing the picture to fade over time.
Next I measured out where I wanted my lines to go and then used the caps to spice bottles/salt shakers to make my circles.

I then found a picture on the internet of The Cat in the Hat that I liked and printed out Kayla's name.

It was then time to draw out the picture and letters. This is where the graphite paper comes to use. This stuff is tricky because if you don't place it on the correct side, the picture won't trace. Make sure the DARKEST side is facing the canvas. 

I did the same for under the letters also. Trace the picture and letters with any sort of sharp tool. I used specials tools from Hobby Lobby but you can also use pens and pencils.

The picture will be a little messy but you can paint over the smudges with white paint or color if you like. Now it's time to paint!!! Have fun with it! I didn't paint in a specific way. Just kind of went with it and painted where ever I wanted to.

This is the finished product again.

Kayla hung it outside her door so all the little kiddies will know where to go.... actually they won't because they're in pre-k and don't know how to read. 

Next time I'm making one for Bonnie.

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  1. Awww thank you so much!! (and youre the most amazing friend i have ever had you!!) and I love love love it!! The kiddos will too!!! Every time I see it I will think of you :-)