Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo Shoot With Boo

You'll often hear me call my dog by Boo. Her real name is Bonnie which evolved into Boonie, Booner, then we landed on Boo. She likes to lay across our bed and our bedroom gets the perfect amount of light and my D40 loves it!

She's usually not thrilled when I come at her with the camera.

Wakey wakey Boo! Mama needs some new pictures! You know, in case a rabbit catches your eye while we're out pottying and I need to post "Have you seen this dog?" pictures all over the apartment complex....... and in open fields........ and in the woods.

Work it, Boo! Hey, did you know your snout is turning grey? I think it makes you look wise. Even though you still like to chase a laser light across the floor.

I'm loving it. I think my camera is actually in love with her too.

That's a good one. I just need one more!

Ok, I'm good. I'll be back in a few months and we'll do it again. I'm supposed to get a new lens in October so I'll see you then!!!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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