Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fine, Fine, Fine

I've been bugged lately by many people to write another post. I have struggled with where to begin. Being that I can't figure that out, I'll just dive right in. My high school English teacher would be so proud.

First of all....

There's going to be another baby in the B house and boy, has it thrown all of us for a loop. I am excited but scared of having two little ones in the house and feeling a little guilty that I might not have given J the time he needs with us. This pregnancy has also been different than my first. Mainly due to the morning sickness. I had terrible nausea for about the first 10 weeks. No bueno. Luckily, no over the top food cravings that make me want to send B to the furthest edges of the Earth for an sprinkle covered pickle with honey mustard drizzle. I wouldn't say I've had food aversions but when you're nauseas, going to the grocery store sounds like slow and painful death. Also, my OB happily informed me that the second pregnancy is a little more painful than the first when it comes to round ligament pains. Definitely feeling those. Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good.

B is ecstatic about all of it and swears there's a tiny little girl in there. God, help us all if that's the case.

J doesn't know what to think. He thinks the baby is in his belly and it's a boy named Craig. Don't worry, Craig isn't even on the radar for a name. As a matter of fact, we aren't finding out the gender this time either.

This is also going on in our house...

We have finally decided to start on our basement remodel. Didn't realize it would be such a huge undertaking when I said "We should just take this wall down. It would open up the space." Well, then the sheetrock came down, the wires were moved and a structural engineer came in to confirm we were headed in the right direction. After the wall was actually gone, I came to terms with the fact that we weren't turning back. Carpet has been chosen, a screen material for the projector is ordered and the speakers are mounted in the ceiling. We still have a long way to go but I'm happy with the progress we've made and I'm excited to see the finished project.

Oh and J has been potty trained. I'm not sure how we pulled that one off but he wears big boy underwear during the day and a pull up when he takes a nap or goes to bed. Some training material says you should wake your child throughout the night to take them to the bathroom. That's for the birds and J is a human purple Minion when you wake him up.

Yep. That's him. In a nutshell.

So that's where we are. Maybe some bump pictures will head this way soon. It's true what they say. You aren't quite as interested in the second as you were the first.