Tuesday, December 3, 2013


2.) I need to do laundry... like, yesterday. Seriously. B has been wearing the same pair of panties for 4 days. 

D.) I need to find some sort of childcare option for J. I can't believe I'm supposed to actually part with that sweet face in 6 weeks!

45.) Why are Zaxby's bathroom stalls so tiny? 

T.) It's Christmas in the south, y'all! Our tiny little city is all dressed up for the season and it looks beautiful.

8.) Since having J, my memory has taken a severe nose dive. I'm pretty sure I birthed most of my brain cells along with him.

73.) Our house is about a quarter of a mile from the train track in town. There's a train that runs around 10 o'clock every night and we call it the "sick train". It makes us laugh.

Y.) My mom and dad still live in the small town I grew up in. My dad's cousin owns a funeral home and used to be the sheriff of the county. My mom somehow ended up on the email list for the funeral home and gets emails every time someone in town dies. I used to think it was amusing, then she came home with the funeral home's calendar a few weeks ago and now I think she needs to be committed. 

11.) Love you, Mom!

2e.) Did you know the Queen of England doesn't have a last name? In fact, none of the royal family has a last name. You're welcome.

J is waking up and diapers need to be stuffed and put away. Have a great day!


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