Friday, December 27, 2013

I Don't Always Love It

Merry (late) Christmas, everyone! I hope all of you had an amazing and blessed Christmas this year. Here in the B house, we are still recovering and now we're battling the nasty cold bug that has started making rounds. B is bed bound today while J and I hold down the fort. We've been traveling to various family events so J is now sleeping off all his exhaustion.

Last Sunday we found ourselves at my aunt's house for my dad's family Christmas. Me and B were sitting at the table with the rest of my cousins when we started talking about being a parent. You see, one of my cousins had the first grandbaby last year, J was the second and the youngest of all of us is pregnant with the third. There was one more cousin at the table that is now engaged and his fiancee was talking to us about our baby's schedules. We began comparing sleep schedules, breastfeeding woes (don't worry, my breastfeeding post is being compiled now) and the most recent winner of the "Guess What's On My Shirt" game and that's when she looked across the table and mouthed to her significant other "We will never have kids". That's when it hit me that I was that person I hated during my pregnancy. I think every new mom knows that person. She's the one who tells you every horror story known to man about childrearing before she tells you of all the joys that come with it.

I don't always love being a mother and I would be lying if I told you there weren't days when I secretly wished I were alone in my house or on the beach with Mr. David Beckham.... wait, I think that's my marriage speech but I can honestly  say I would never trade this experience for anything in the world. 

I don't always love it when...

1.) I get nice and cozy in bed just to have J wake up and start screaming

2.) He looks at me with giant alligator tears in his eyes and I don't know how to fix whatever is making his tummy hurt.

3.) I am all dressed up nice for an event and J pukes on me. Who needs perfume?

4.) It's 5 am and I can't find the paci in his crib. Why don't they make those things glow in the dark?

5.) I feel like I finally have some sort of schedule figured out for J and then he has a growth spurt and we start over at the beginning.

6.) I'm covered 24/7 in puke, pee or both. I actually went to bed last night with both on my clothes and didn't bat an eye.

7.) J gets gas or has a hard time with his poops. He cries while he's being held, eating, laying down, sucking on his paci, then he blows up his diaper and feels all better.

But these are the things I love...

1.) I love when J smiles up at me with milk all over his face and gurgles a noise of approval.

2.) Bath time. I love giving J a bath because he's such a cute naked baby!

3.) Play time on his mat.

4.) When he gets sleepy and just wants to snuggle.

5.) He's now starting to giggle and it's the best sound ever!

So while I don't always love being a mother, I wouldn't trade my experience with anyone or for anything else in the world. J has turned our lives upside down but day by day we're learning to deal with his changes and it's the most rewarding path we could have taken.


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  1. I understand completely. My little one is only a couple of weeks younger than yours. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one that has a hard time sometimes. They do make pacifiers that glow in the dark. I know Avent makes some. The handle glows in the dark and they are orthodontic.