Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jack Update: day 9

Day 9 and the end is near. Can you feel it? I'm so ready to get our little man home where he belongs. Last night was the last lab draw he will have done. Everything came back within normal limits this morning which is fantastic!!! All of the labs that indicate he has an infection were all normal so the antibiotics did their jobs and now we have a healthy baby boy. Except that whole fractured clavicle thing. We've been splinting his arm for now and will continue to do that when we get home. Not sure how long it will be needed but as long as it heals, I'll do anything.

The nurses have also allowed us to feed him on his own schedule which is much easier. He's eating about every 4 hours at this point but taking in much more. He is getting to the point of taking in about 4 ounces each time. What a pig!!! I feel like we're cheating the parenthood system with him being here. When we get him home he'll be on a pretty good nighttime schedule and then demanding during the day.

Even though we feel like we're cheating the schedule, we've been getting our sleep while he's here. Until last night, that is. I woke up around 5 am and needed to pump so I got up, pumped for 15 minutes and went back to bed. Of course, B also woke up and helped out where he could. We turned the light back off and as the heat kicked on, we heard a rustling noise on the nightstand. I had a plastic bag of bottles sitting there and thought it was the air rushing past the plastic. We both dismissed it and laid there a little while longer. Then we heard it again and B told me to turn the light on. I did as I was told and there it was, the biggest, ugliest palmetto bug I've ever seen in my life. Of course I screamed like a girl and it scurried around on my nightstand in complete terror as well. B ran over with a flip flop to save me but managed to knock it to the ground which caused it to the escape under our bed. At this point I had my bags packed and vowed to never step foot in the house again. Luckily B is quick on his toes at what was now 5:30 in the morning and was able to meet it on its way out on the other side of the bed. The bug met its end behind B's nightstand and had a proper water burial in the toilet.

As for me, I didn't sleep all that well because I just knew he had an accomplice lurking somewhere in our house. Maybe tonight will be a bit easier.

Sleep tight!!


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