Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 32

Oy! Week 32. Things just keep moving right along and leaving me in the dust. But something exciting is on the horizon.... UGA FOOTBALL!!!!! That's right! The Dawgs will kick off their season this Saturday night against Clemson. Football is a religion in our family and this Saturday is our Holy Day. I surprised B with two tickets to one of the games so we will be making the trek to Athens to watch our beloved Dawgs play before our Redcoat product makes his or her big arrival. But let me break it down.. Football= fall= October= BABY TIME! Oy.

Clearly I spent a lot of time on this particular picture. More importantly, what the heck is a jicama? Baby B is weighing up to 3.6 pounds now and is around 16.7 inches long. My belly is getting a little tight these days. I'm sure baby is running out of room.

At this point, the baby is beginning to settle into position for delivery meaning, the baby is (hopefully) rotating to a head down position. As I get a little further along, that position will make me extremely uncomfortable. I also read that my..... nipples..... may be getting a little darker. This is in case the baby is delivered early, he or she will be able to find where to breastfeed. Pretty awesome, right?

The final masterpieces are being put on the baby as well. At this point, we would be able to see the baby's toenails. Baby B's hair is also developing all of its color so it will look more uniform. The baby has also been developing this layer of hair on its body called lanugo. This fine layer of hair on the baby's skin is believed to help with temperature regulation.

Now on to some old business. The baby shower.

I made that banner! So proud!
Banana Cheesecakes for Curious George

Green eggs and ham.... which were all eaten before the picture.

Grandma to be!

Great aunt to be!

Me and J! B's cousin's wife.

We had a great time! The shower was book themed so all the food was based off of a book. The pictures were taken after the fact but I think you get the idea. I have to send a big shout out to my bff K for putting it all together and bff chef R for cooking everything. Seriously, they worked until 2 am the night before getting things together. They're the best friends a preggo lady needs.

Now some new news. The nursery! This week was pretty big for us. We found a crib on Craigslist (do you know how much those things are new?!) and B finished the closet before he headed off to Houston. Last business trip before the baby comes!

The only part left on the closet is the toy chest that will be built in on the bottom right. I'm so proud of B and all the progress he has made on the room. I think this is it for the nursery. Now all we have to do is get the final touches in place for Baby B to come home. Oy.

The good: We've finished the nursery and now have a crib even though the baby will be sleeping in our room for the first few weeks. My plan is to let the baby nap in the crib once a day to help transition him over to his own room.

The bad: I had an appointment this week and to my surprise, I gained a ton of weight in the last two weeks. The doctor also noticed this and said I need to watch my portions, sweets and make sure I'm exercising. Poop. I don't think my portions have been that bad but I've never craved sweets as much as I have in this pregnancy. At least the weather is cooling off a touch so walking in the evenings will be comfortable. I stepped on the scale this morning so I'll keep a closer track of my weight at home.


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