Monday, August 5, 2013

The Weekly, An Expo and The Nursery

Week 29 and I haven't blogged in two weeks. So sorry for that. My photographer was in Houston, Texas last week and I pulled not one but two 14 hour shifts at work as well. The only thing on my mind was sleep at the end of the day. Last week I also had my regular doctor appointment and had my glucose challenge along with a blood draw to test for anemia. I'm happy to report all of the lab values are normal and I am progressing along quite nicely. There use to be a time when I would get anxious about my next appointment because hearing the heartbeat was the only way I knew there was a little person growing in there but now the kicks are so frequent, the appointments have lost their luster. The kicks are actually starting to make me uncomfortable. The baby kicks when I'm trying to sleep, while I'm talking to my patients, when I'm driving.... all the time! But with every kick, I fall in love with him/her a little more.

This week baby is the size of an acorn squash. Seriously, what am I supposed to cook with that?! Baby B weighs in between 2.5-3.8 pounds and is measuring 15.2-16.7 inches long. Can you believe he will almost triple in size before delivery?! Look at how big I am! There's no room left to grow!! Baby B is also putting on some weight (like some other people I know in the B house) and because of that, he has a little more energy. That explains why I feel him kick a lot more each week. He's also beginning to run out of space in there and that explains the foot in my rib for a good portion of the day.

I've also been busy making my registries this week. I am only doing two and have both of them completed. That was crazy fun. If you ever want to get a good laugh at B, take him to a baby store and set him loose with a scanner in his hand.

My mom, cousin, aunt, sister-in-law, best friend and I headed to Athens for a free baby expo. It was my first and was a lot of fun. While we were there, one of the booths had a little photo area set up.

That's my cousin and I. Our moms are sisters and we are only about 6 months in age apart from each other so we grew up pretty close. Two years ago she had her first daughter.... 13 weeks early. She never got to enjoy registries, showers, and expos so I've tried to include her in everything that I've been doing in my pregnancy. We're even having a joint shower in September. She's due about 6 weeks after me so our little ones will grow up together as well.

Next order of business, the nursery. I'm so proud of all the progress B has made on the baby's room. Here's where we started Friday.

I should have taken a better before picture because, at this point, we had already ripped up the base board and cleaned up the mess.

Here is where he got to on Saturday afternoon while I was at the expo.

I think he gets more work done when I'm not home. Not sure how to take that.

He worked on it some more Sunday but I forgot to take an update picture but this is where he was Monday night when I got home.

Pretty! The room definitely isn't finished. It needs shoe mold and paint. The bottom half will be all white and the top will be grey. I've already started buying small things to hang on the wall and my aunt is going to make my curtains and bedding. Yay for a nursery!!

Also, here's a close up of the bead board we used.

The good: I passed my test which means so gestational diabetes for me! I haven't started developing any stretch marks... yet. I'm sure they're coming but for now I'm enjoying my skin being nice and clear. I also invested in a belly support band last week. That thing is amazing! Sometimes you feel like you need that extra help holding up your ever growing abdomen.

The bad: Sleep is getting a little more difficult. I feel like I wake up more often now but I don't pee each time which is nice. I can't seem to cool off. Poor B sleeps with the sheet, comforter and an extra blanket on the bed. I feel bad but I feel like I sweat all the time. I know I said my belly band is nice but between that, my compression hose and maternity bra, getting my uniform on for work each morning takes a little more time than usual. But on the flip side, I stay comfortable for the entire 12 hours that I'm on my feet.

That's all you're getting this week. I now start going to the OB every 2 weeks so my next appointment is next Wednesday! How exciting!

See you next week. Don't forget, IT'S SHARK WEEK!!!!


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