Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 13

**Today is the beginning of week 13 but something much bigger than that has happened. As most of you already know and have heard on the news, two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Me and B send out our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. I hope that they are able to somehow find peace and comfort.**

Week 13 marks the beginning of trimester 2. That means baby burns is about 7 months away. Did you cry a little? I just did. One whole trimester is gone and I don't have a pediatrician picked out, haven't decided on what carseat I want, haven't talked B into getting his TDaP shot and we still haven't bought a house. Well, the house thing is coming. We looked at a house this past weekend and really fell in love. Fingers crossed, kids. We need all the luck we can get.

Like I said last week, the pregnancy hasn't been bad at all so far. I had a small bought of nausea this past weekend but nothing to write home about. I laid around on the couch for a while and felt much better. Just FYI, if you watch Investigation Discovery for too long, you will suspect that your neighbors, husband and local bag boy are trying to kill you.

This week: 

  • Baby has developed finger prints. Finger prints are determined by what the baby touches while in  utero. Including amniotic fluid. Cool, huh?
  • Baby's vocal cords are forming. The more to scream with when she's here!
  • Her head is a little more proportionate to her body. No more T-Rex body!
  • Her teeth buds are starting to form.

I'm tired of: Peeing. All. Night. Long. Seriously. I haven't had a good night's sleep in over a month and it's getting a little old. I've definitely realized that the amount of times I get up to pee at night is related to how tired I am when I fall asleep. Less tired = more peeing.
But I do have to say I'm a little relieved to not be waking up at 3 am on the nose anymore. If you don't know, it's considered to be the Devil's hour so when I would wake up, I would worry that I was carrying a devil child or evil-ness. That's what happens when you're sleep deprived and a little discombobulated.

Sorry for such a late post. My photographer was more interested in motorcycles when he got home. We'll plan a little better next time.


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  1. Your blog brought joy in the wake of sadness! I can't believe how big Baby Burns is getting! Y'all are going to be amazing parents! Don't sweat it all, it's going to come in time!!

    LOVE Y'ALL (including Baby Burns)