Friday, January 18, 2013

Traveling Salesman

B is currently on his 23 hour flight back home. He's been touring Asia for the last week and is now making his way back to God's Country. While I love B more than Paula Deen loves lard and can't wait to see him, I can't help but love the fact that his job takes him away from home sometimes. I've thought of a few reasons. Humor me, would you?

5.) You get to travel to some pretty awesome places. Seriously, I got to see my very first west coast sunset last year due to his travels in Los Angeles.

4.) If you want to sit on the couch all night long in your Mu-Mu and chow down on Chinese all while watching Golden Girls, you go girl!

3.) Two words: NO LAUNDRY. Seriously, I do jack while B is gone. If something happens to me while he's gone, just set fire to my apartment. It will save my mother a lot of embarrassment.

2.) You can sit on the potty while watching t.v. because you can now leave the door open. I'm not even sure I should share that... don't judge, you do it too.

1.) You can make like a starfish in the bed and hog the whole stinkin' thing because no one is there to wake you up from your naked escapade with the entire cast of Magic Mike and tell you to roll over or to give up some of the sheet you're hoarding.

Miss you, B! I can't imagine giving up 1/8th of my bed to anyone else.


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