Thursday, October 25, 2012

Southern Living & Family Circle

In the last year I've tried to make my apartment feel like home. Sometimes that means getting rid of a few misplaced or mismatched pieces of furniture. I've hung pictures on the walls, put together a few projects to clutter the floor with and even bought an antique quilt rack to put my blankets on in the living room. Not matter how much money I spend and how much junk I fill my floor with, I can't make my apartment feel like home. Then I realized that it isn't really a home that I'm trying to build. I'm actually trying to make my apartment feel like my mom's house. Isn't it funny how you spend your entire teenage years imagining what your own place will feel like, look like and even smell like but when the time comes to have your own space, you want everything that you used to have?

I want what my mother has.....


I've decided it isn't such a bad thing after all. I was in Wal-Mart recently and was waiting very impatiently in the check-out line behind a mother with three screaming children in her buggy all wanting candy bars and such (btw, I DON'T want what that mother has) when I looked over at the magazine rack to browse some celebrity dirt. I usually get my fill from hourly updates via TMZ but sometimes I need a mid-hour update. Then a Southern Living magazine caught my eye. My mom reads Southern Living and Family Circle like it's going out of style. I picked up the magazine and thumbed through the pages. It's their Thanksgiving special so there are tons of turkey and pie recipes to drool over. Then the new Family Circle started calling out to me so I had to get it too. I dropped them in my buggy and proceeded to the register.

After I read through them they found their forever home on the end tables with the other magazines I read. I was walking through the apartment a few days ago and was picking up things as I went when I came across the magazines again. They caught my eye and I literally stopped in my tracks. I suddenly felt like I was back at home again. I left the magazines where the were and walked away.

Maybe I'm crazy but I will probably go home in a few weeks and read the exact same magazines and gasp at exactly the same articles as I did the first time I read them. But that's ok because I'll do it with my mom like it's the first time and it will make me feel at home all over again.


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