Monday, October 8, 2012


I dreamt of pumpkin spice lattes last night while I was sleeping on the couch. Then B woke me up and told me to go to bed. When I laid down I couldn't sleep so I got up and watched scary shows on t.v. until he woke up again. It was during that time that I decided the blog needed an overhaul. Hope you are liking it!

I also looked up some Photoshop tricks too. Check this out..

I'm shooting my cousin's wedding this weekend and being that her fiancee is a baseball fan, I thought this would be appropriate.

I got two ant bites taking those pictures. They itch horribly now.

B is traveling again this week. He's headed to Orlando for a nerd convention. He was semi- looking forward to it until he remembered that Disney World is in Orlando and his flight would probably be pack with little people wearing Mickey ears. Good luck, B!!!

Did I mention I was having pumpkin spice lattes with Mr. David Beckham in my dream? No?

Happy Monday!



  1. Love the new decor!

    And I'm with you ... good luck with that, B. ;) But tell him to suck it up cause he'll be on a cruise ship in ... less than 30, right??? JEALOUS!

  2. Ummm pumpkin spice lattes and Mr.Beckham and you didn't invite me?!? Lol
    Love the new look by the way!!