Friday, June 1, 2012

At Long Last

Hi bloggers! I can't believe it took me so long to get back. Things have been a little busy here in the B house lately. First, B has been moved to a sales type position so he will begin traveling more often. Yay for B!
Second, I have been moved back to night shift. Let me just say, I <3 night shift..... hard! In my opinion, it's the perfect schedule. Especially when you work in a hospital. The new schedule, and everything else that is going on, has made it hard for me to remember to post often.
So, I have exciting news for you today! I'm headed to Las Vegas..... again..... for the third time.... the second time in one year. Ok, maybe I have a small problem with Vegas. What can I say? I'm addicted to the adult Disney World. What isn't to like? Dollar margs for breakfast, hotels competing for your attention with awesome attractions, searching for that one cheap but delicious buffet, dollar beer and hotdogs and free drinks as long as you appear to be playing a slot machine. Perfect, right? Seeing how I've been twice already, I'm hoping to mix it up a little this time while I'm there. See, B is taking me with him because he has a conference at the MGM Grand. I'm hoping to do a big blog at the end of the week and show y'all Vegas. We will be starting with our stay at the New York New York hotel and work my way down the strip. This is our first time staying in this particular hotel, we've usually stayed at the Flamingo which is a fantastic hotel but a little too far from the conference hall. I hope I can squeeze all of that into a few days.
I've also been working on a baby gift for a girl at work. I'll be posting more on that later after I give her the gift. I don't want her to see it on here and spoil the surprise! I also hope to do a little book review later too. It's summer time and that means that everyone should have a book to read by a pool somewhere.
Until then, enjoy your day!


  1. I'm all sorts of jealous about your upcoming trip! I cannot wait until Tony and I get to go back to Vegas again, and actually do it up right. I hope you two enjoy yourselves!

  2. Whitney, I had no idea you blogged! I am so excited to start following!