Friday, January 17, 2014

3 months

I can't believe we're already at this point. Little J is already 3 months old. Also new in the B news, I went back to work. I wasn't one of those moms who lost their marbles when they got to work and spent the entire day talking about how guilty they felt; I actually enjoyed my days back at work but I hated that I got home so late and wasn't able to spend more time with J. We self schedule at work so I'll play with my work schedule and fix it to my liking next time.

3 months at home taught me a few valuable lessons.

1.) Never have a baby in the late fall/early winter... EVER AGAIN!
2.) I was not hard wired to be a stay at home mom but that could have something to do with #1.
3.) Boy Meets World has some of the dumbest story lines on t.v.


If that wasn't enough...

Fat. Rolls. And I pinch them all the time!

Who doesn't have a crazy cute bath time picture?

J is up to all kinds of stuff now days. First of all, he is really becoming a chatter box. He coos and is starting to mimic some of the sounds we make towards him. He's also crying a lot less. He usually cries for a few reasons. A.) hunger B.) he's awake and feels the whole village needs to know C.) B is trying to get him to play horsey with the dog.

Next, he's smiling like crazy! It doesn't take much to get a giant, toothless smile out of him. Well, anything can get it out of him but stick a camera in his face and it instantly runs away to hide. I had B's help getting the ones for the pictures in this blog but, as in most of the pictures, he's looking at me as if I grew another head.

Tummy time is getting more interesting due to him propping on his elbows. We have an easier time playing when he can look up and see me. I love how when he's propped up, his feet lift up into the air. Kind of like he's posing for a picture featured in the Babies of the Year calendar.

HE'S SLEEPING 12 HOURS!!!!! I never thought I'd be able to say this at 3 months. After our little trip to the ER, J started cat napping during the day. I was totally frustrated and couldn't figure out how to help him get back on schedule until I came across a post that made sense. It said that babies around this age will start dropping a nap or two during the day and can sometimes have a hard time which ends up in cat napping. I started paying close attention to his moods when he woke up and he was actually happy. I would roll him over and he would greet me with with a big smile and coo. If he were waking up happy with only a 30 minute nap, who was I to change that? I decided I needed to modify my schedule to fit his.

Due to the short naps, he also feeds more frequently. About every 2 hours. At daycare, they are able to get him to go 2.5 - 3 hours between naps and he sleeps about an hour but at home I can only get him to go 2 hours at the most but he still feeds every 2 hours. Either way, we start his bath, bottle, bed routine at 8 pm and he's usually down by 9:30. Occasionally he has a mishap in the middle of the night and wakes up around 2:30 but that's pretty rare. It can usually be blamed on a leaky diaper, stuffy nose or a poor feeding before bed.

While I was searching through pictures for this post, I came across a few that I felt a need to share

This is what I came home to a few nights ago. My little thug, sleeping off a trip to the grocery store.

This next is a group of pictures to show how quickly his mood changes. 

 6:22:00 pm He loves some daddy time.

 6:22:05 pm B clearly said something funny to make him chuckle. Probably something about me snoring at night.

 6:22:06 pm Uh oh. Take it back, B! Take it back!!!

 6:22:08 pm Phew. That was close. Good work!

6:22:09 pm Such a sweet face!

 6:22:30 pm Oh no! That's serious!

 6:22:31 pm His head is falling back. This isn't a good sign.

 6:22:44 pm Oh sweet Lord, no. The point of no return.

 6:22:45 pm Almost fully charged for all out wail.

 6:22:57 pm Yep. There it is. 

6:22:58 pm Well that started out nice. Better luck next time, B.

And on that bombshell!


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  1. Love! What a cutie pie!! So happy to hear he I sleeping more through the night and I cannot wait to hear him coo and giggle!!

    You have a beautiful family chica!