Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 36

It's here. The week by which I should have already packed my bug out bag is upon us and guess what? I only have socks and nipple cream in my bag. Yes, I just shared probably a little too much but at this point in the pregnancy, I really don't care. I figured I've already lost the readers that have "boundaries".

Poor quality picture tonight. We had the camera but B turned it on and noticed it was it was dead. Neither of us wanted to go get the full battery. We're going to make such awesome parents.

This week Baby B is the size of a honeydew. Weight and length haven't made many improvements over the last week but that's ok because I'm running out of room. The baby is starting to make his way "down the shoot" as B likes to phrase it. What he means is the baby is starting to descend further into my pelvis in preparation for delivery.

I went to my OB yesterday for my first weekly appointment and they did my GBS test. I'll get those results back on Friday so I'll update you next week. He asked me all the normal questions but, again, added a new shocking on in just to make sure I was paying attention. He asked if I would like to plan to have my membranes stripped to help speed up the end of my pregnancy. Stripping membranes is when a physician uses a finger to basically separate the water bag from the cervix which releases prostaglandins to help induce labor. This method is definitely not a sure way to start labor but if everything is progressing well, it shouldn't harm a pregnancy either. But either way, I freaked out. I'm totally not ready for this baby to show up any earlier than we have planned.

Then he gave me the fantastic (sarcasm) news that I'm 1 centimeter dilated and 50% effaced. Effacement is when the cervix is thinning out top to bottom. When the cervix is 100% effaced, labor is right around the corner. *Barf*

After all this excitement, we headed downtown and ate at a great burger joint and headed to Ikea for some retail therapy which consisted of a dresser for the baby's room. Have you ever bought a dresser from Ikea? Yeah, it's like doing a 1,000 piece puzzle without the picture. Great fun.

The good: Baby is starting to drop so I can now breathe a little bit easier. I don't feel myself getting out of breath as easy anymore. I'm beginning to feel the nesting urges, which I'm sure makes B ultra happy, so I want to get everything ready for baby's arrival.

The bad: Seeing how the baby has dropped a bit, it now feels like someone takes a taser to my lady bits every hour or so. More often when the baby active. Not fun at all. I'm also having painful contractions. They aren't too bad right now. I'm usually able to make the pain go away so I know it isn't true labor just yet. Keyword, "yet". Oh and I still sleep horribly. Poor B calls his extra blanket on the bed his "survival blanket". I, however, sleep in a t-shirt and sometimes pull the sheet up. The a/c is still on 72 and I'll leave the fan on as long as he doesn't come home with divorce papers. I stand my ground.

That's all the excitement I have for now. I have another appointment next week but I'll try to post before that one. I'm also still trying to talk B into posting a little something but I'm not having any luck. He claims to better things to do like install carseat bases, look up child safety gates and pack bug out bags. Buzz kill.



  1. Love that dresser! That's the same kind we have for P and it's PERFECT! Plenty of space...those top 4 drawers are great for cloth dipes, too :)

  2. Ahhh!!! I can't believe how close it is getting!

    Love the dresser and as always you look great girl!

    YAY! :-)